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Dusty Road

Real Artisanal Food From A Zimbabwean Kitchen

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A Message from Our Team

Ndeipi Shamwari!  Salibonani! 

Had enough of a torrid time with Covid?

Well, wave goodbye to lockdown lethargy and say hello to Dusty Road Township Tastes!  

Spoil yourself or someone special this Christmas with the perfect culinary gift to reminisce about home and experiment in the kitchen.  Join me on a nostalgic and humorous trip down my second Dusty Road book lane, and let me remind you about the wonders of Zim and her delicious tastes.

My new book’s finally available and I’m so excited to share it with those of you who’ve read my first book but especially for those who’re new to my journey.  Dusty Road Township Tastes is hot off the press (literally) in Mauritius and I’d love to show you what I’ve been up to since Covid put us all back in our boxes.

Books can be posted to you from Mauritius, but we’re very aware that airfreight costs are crazy; due to worldwide shipping rates shooting up to exorbitant levels because of Covid.  It’s such a blow that postage is so expensive, but next year we’ll have plenty of stock closer to Zim so postage will be a lot cheaper for you – please bear with me in the interim!

The other, more financially and environmentally friendly option 😀 is to get friends and relatives to pre-buy in Zim, then pop the book in someone’s luggage who’ll be visiting you!  Or I could send your delicious delivery via Zimpost, together with my delivery prayer …

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