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Dusty Road

Real Artisanal Food From A Zimbabwean Kitchen

This humorous, proudly Zimbabwean book won second place in the world in the Entertainment Category at the prestigious Gourmand World Cook Book Awards in 2013. “For the past few years, living in Zimbabwe has been a challenge – fuel shortages, power and water cuts, cholera and inflation have all affected my life and what I do. I pride myself on my ability to ‘make a plan’, improvise and cook anywhere for any number, with limited facilities to produce delicious food, presented simply, with loads of character,” she said at the time. Sarah created A Taste of Farm Life and Living in Zimbabwe not only for its recipes and food but to show and remind people of the richness of the country so many called home, with its creatures, artifacts, culture, local produce, and people. Those factors blended in with the lifestyles on the farms and the vibrancy of the African bush and brought together the old, colonial Rhodesia and the current, independent Zimbabwe with the rustic, earthy, and soulful feeling of living in such a real, happy place. In its first three months of publication, the book sold over 2000 copies. It is currently out of print, but orders are being taken for it to be reprinted and available in early 2022, so please click below to order your copy.


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